Astonishing Ideas for Pallet Loft / Bunk Beds

The cool and elegant pallet loft/bunk beds are making a statement for any home as it is a place of attraction. These astonishing ideas for pallets have great styles and it is a safer method for persons as sleeping on the top of bed. Some bunk beds have stairs which are also helpful in climbing to the bed. These astonishing ideas for pallet become more popular and admired by many toddlers. So we give you some wonderful ideas in bunk beds which are great for this hectic life as all are modern and have uniqueness in it. In this article, we provide some artistic pallet loft/bunk beds which are better than others and very versatile as in use.

Pallet Loft Beds

These stylish loft/bunk beds have simple yet classy designs in it as you know this will be the great play house for your toddlers. Your children feel happy as get their play house as this will give them space for sleeping. You just take care that always uses the best quality pallet because this work is for your child.
pallet bunk bed and playhouse

This is one of the astonishing ideas for pallet loft bed which is the evidence of the creativity of it maker. There is also obvious advantage of this loft as it is a space saving bed. You will easily design it with its natural look because this big loft has a contemporary look as well.
pallet loft bed

This sophisticated and classy pallet loft bed is ideal for the bedroom. If you need for the big and big accommodation for your kids then it will be the perfect design for you. Your child will simply hide in it when they are playing hide and seek which is stylish and solid.
pallet loft bed ideas

Astonishing ideas for pallet bunk bed are interesting and useful DIY projects for you. This pallet bunk bed gives the place to your children for playing as well as sleeping. This will normally give the sophisticated look to your toddler’s room. You just add colorful bed sheet which is also the choice for kids.
pallet double bunk bed

This is really simple and cozy pallet loft/bunk beds specially designed to save the floor. This is a great option for small room and it looks chic and has much space in it as you can keep in its many items. This is one of the astonishing ideas in pallet loft/bunk bed which has no ladders.
pallet bunk bed

You will definitely love this idea as it is simple and have uniqueness in it. This is the latest addition to your home as it has stairs too which is helpful in climbing on the bed. And you can add colors with bed sheets and it will be a great choice for sleeping for the lovely night.
pallet bunk bed projects

This will be the cool choice for your pets as well as they look simple as well as comfy for their rest. This will just take small space as it is a good option for your pets and the great alternative of their house. So this is perfect and creative selection for your dwelling.
pallet bunk bed ideas

Pallet triple bunk bed it’s also a wonderful way to adjust three kids at the same place.  This pink color triple bed has matching pink walls, with cute flower petals stickers or cutting.  Under this bed, you can keep the toys and other stuff of your kids under this bed.
pallet tripple bunk bed

Wow, this amazing nice and cool light peach color of unique pallet bunk bed is looking very nice with a beautiful arrangement of catchy sticker on behind wall. You can adjust this bed in a side corner of the room as its take very little space. The slide with this bed gives it most fantastic look and wonderful idea for kid’s fun.
unique pallet bunk bed

This green color of upcycled pallet bunk bed is so simple but a nice comfortable bed for a use of three kids at a time. It covers a little space and it also a perfect idea for that room who have not spacious for all the kids. So this sort of bed is a good choice for those persons.
upcycled pallet bunk bed

This wonderful white wooden pallet bunk bed has big in size which is stand on a dark purple carpet but it can easily take place in a side corner of the room. It’s a double story bunk bed but the lower portion is used for playing as a doll house, which has proper entrance and window. The upper portion has used for sleeping.
wood pallet bunk bed

This recycled pallet bunk idea which has simple but it’s pretty and charming light pink and white color gives it’s a nice appearance. Usually, these soft colors refer to the baby girls. This double bed idea is very nice and awesome for that room that has not spacious.
recycled pallet bunk bed

Wooden pallet bunk idea is just like a shape of a hut, and the painting of a tree on the back wall give a nice impression just like an actual outdoor scene.  The roof is just like original hut roof and  front  opening like a door and window opening on both sides.
wooden pallet bunk bed ideas

Wooden pallet bunk for kids is really a multi-story bed easily adjust in one corner of the room. It’s really a fantastic idea and stair from one side of the bed.  The lining bed sheet gives a nice grace to this wooden pallet bunk for kids. It’s a best used of a wooden pallet.
wooden pallet bunk bed for kids

Triple bunk beds are one of the smart ideas in this collection as it is great for kids sleeping. This will make happy your kids just because of its simplicity. Now it is the matter of concern that how you will make your children pleased and gives them a peaceful place for sleeping.
pallet bunk tripple bed

If you have faced challenging task while designing your kid’s beds then this will be a great selection for your toddlers. This creative and ideal pallet work will be great inspiration for this year as it is great for lovely kids. So we should say thanks to pallet an idea which reflects your creative thoughts.
pallet kids bed

Used pallet bunk bed  is a double story bed and the  main point of this lovely peach color bed is that it’s upper portion has one extra  bed and two-way stairs with attaching side table. It’s really a reused pallet bunk bed for your kids with nice green and a little bit dark peach which give a nice appearance to this room.
used pallet bunk bed

Thus is a nice pallet toddler bunk bed which you can place in a side corner of the room. It’s a double story Pallet toddler bunk bed. Its bed covers color looks very fresh impact on viewers. Stairs from one side is also looking nice. This Pallet toddler bunk bed is the best use of your waste pallets.
pallet toddler bund beds pallet bunk bed attached to pc desk

Pallet Playhouse Projects for Kids

Pallets are very resourceful and come in handy many times; you just need to think of a right use of it. You can use it to make different storing items and one another use of pallet is to make Pallet playhouse projects for kids. As we know kids are very innocent and full of life, usually, they want colorful, attractive things and like to play in such environment which is full of fun and amusement. No doubt Pallet Playhouse is the best option for you to bring a natural smile on the face of your Kid. The Pallet Playhouse is simple and inexpensive in making and moreover, you can recycle your extra items of your house in it.

Pallet Playhouse

Pallet wood can be easily used to make small wooden houses. The pallet used will be cheap and easily available. You can use it to make small tree houses like a doll house or camp house with hut shape or you can also use it as a dog house. It will be spacious and has a distinguish look.
Wood Pallet Kids Hut

The best use of pallet is to build a small but spacious house or hut for your children to play. As it is compact so it will consume less space and will be done with very little expenditure.  You can paint it and put plants all around so you child can play there.
Teepee Kids Pallet Playhouse

A nice and decent one or two story room house can be built by pallet woods. If you use fancy pallet tiles or pieces, it will genuinely give a look of the real wood cabin. Use sheets to cover the roof like tent shape. Make a fancy door and windows to complete it.
Playhouse made from pallets

Children always need new things and places to play, so why not build them in few different shapes. Pallet wood can be easily used to make wooden hut like old fashion Red Indian huts keeping one side open so that children could play easily. Put the pallets with a little gap to make it airy.
Pallet Teepee Kids Playhouse

Pallets are the easiest available stuff that can be used to build cheap but creative things. You can surely build a big enough fancy pirate ship playhouse that can be used as a podium to stand or play. Make the sails and hang the pirate flag to give a perfect look.
Pallet Ship Playhouse

Kids love to play in tree house or slides. So if you want to make a stand or slide for your kids than it will be a wonderful gesture and surely can be built with a little effort and little expenditure. Make the stairs climb up and put window or entrance with the slides.
Pallet Playsets

Girls love to play in a doll house as their childhood surrounds these kinds of memories. Make a doll house of 6 by 4 feet and paint it with purple for girlish touch. Put some kids table chairs and shelves with stuff toys to make the look complete.
Kids Fun Activities with Pallet Playhouse

Building a wooden pallet cabin or playhouse beside your garden to hang the tools there or sit peacefully is not that difficult. Try not to make it too big but make it spacious. You can put a hut roof and make a little boundary around. You can also put your kid’s cycle there.
Kids Fun with Pallet Playhouse

Another wonderful use of wooden pallet is for kids to make a small house like a plane, which is standing on four wheel look like an original plane.  On the top side,  some pallet used as a wing of the plane , alongside its there is tiny windows and a door. A seat of the pallet is also fixed in inner portion for kids. It’s so simple and unique.
Pallet Playhouse Airplane

Wow, what a pretty combination of original and fantasy look of this kid’s playhouse. It’s spacious  and has windows with hanging pot stand from all four sides of this house, so definitely it’s airy and full of light, hence, kids can also enjoy in summer. The small and attractive front terrace of this playhouse looks fabulous.
Pallet Playhouse and Cabins

The pallet can be utilized in different forms for the playhouse. It didn’t matter whether it is a single story or double story, you just have to make a frame support it and puts ladder so that children can reach easily. Make windows keep it air and look like castle or fort.
Pallet Playhouse for Kids

Children like to play in the garden or open area, so why not using these pallet woods to make a shed area or playhouse that has a proper shed where children can play or rest in shadow. You can put easy and comfy little chairs and also install rolling sheds over.
Pallet Playhouse Ideas

Pallet wood gives us the advantage to make a cheap playhouse for children. You can make a playhouse wide enough for playing inside. You can put windows and doors and make bars outside as a boundary. Build small windows on both side and paint it white for prominence and put a V roof.
Pallet Playhouse in Garden

A simple room or playhouse can be made with little effort and use of the pallet. Simply use the recycle pallet woods to make a hut shape room which can be used by children for night-overs. Put some nice sheets and pillows and hung a light or lamp to make it a room.
Pallet Playhouse Plan

When you are building a playhouse for your child you need to be very specific if it’s for a girl. Make a staircase design or roof, put a window for freshness. Use pink color and hung lamps or flowers to give it a girlish touch. Hang bird cage and put a mat in front of it.
Indoor Playhouse for Kids from Pallets

If you have two girls then make a two level pallet wood house with open roof or make a lid cover it. Decorate it with cushions, foam and toys decently and put a pink mat in front of the playhouse. Put a ladder to make it reachable.
Indoor Pallet Playhouse

Making a big playhouse in the garden seems difficult but using pallet wood and a little effort it can be easily done. Join the playhouse with the sliding area by putting a bridge between them.  You can hang the ropes from the windows or you can put a tunnel inside.
Huge Pallet Playhouse

Children love tree house as it brings them close to nature. You can make a small house on a tree or you can build a big one beside the tree. Make small window and put curtains on it.  Try to make it on a stand, build stairs put a door and make a mailbox.
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