Repurposed Wood Pallet DIY Ideas


Pallet furniture is the latest trend doing rounds in every fashionable and quirky interior. Same old sofa sets and racks, although are pretty and classy, but cannot stand out because every other office, restaurant and house have somewhat the same designs. However, the best thing about repurposed Pallet furniture is its capacity to be customized according to space and location. If you have the knowledge of plumbing, crafting or hardware skills, you can improve the utility of pallet furniture. Pallets consist of lightweight wooden bars connected together. They are already smoothed out and cut in equal length so that furniture making requires minimum effort.

pallet repurposing ideas

Tables never go redundant. Tables can be used for decorative purposes like show cases. They can also be used to hang and organize tools used in gardening. One of the best Pallet ideas is to make a strong yet light weight table for garden or living room to hold the necessary everyday items like keys, papers, bills and books.
pallet potting table idea

The patio is the best place to relax and admire nature. In order to make the Sunday brunch experience at patio even more fun, you can use reclaimed pallets to make a DIY pallet pot stand. Adding shelves in different sizes and at different heights will add an artistic touch to it
pallet patio pots shelves

Who doesn’t love a comfy wide chair with arm rests? However, usually good sized classy easy chairs are quite expensive. Pallet Recycling is the way to go about it. You can use wide pallets to create the base, legs and back of the chair. Adding a cushion for the base is optional.
pallet chair

Every bookworm loves to see a corner of the room filled with intriguing book covers organized well to give a glimpse of an alternate reality. Pallet Upcycling is the best possible solution. This book stand can also be used in bookstores to put all the books on the display.
pallet bookshelf stand

Greenery is a form of decoration that suits every spot. It can be made more alluring if arranged as a trellis garden. Pallet Recycling can be used to create a mesh for the garden. Table tops can also be made with reclaimed pallets. Grape wines can be given support using pallet meshes and trellis gardens
pallet trellis garden

Changing furniture with the changing needs of children is quite a difficult task given its high cost. But this problem can be solved by the smart use of reclaimed pallets. These wooden pallets can be used to make simple and reliable beds. Adding a back is optional. You can make crises cross back and hang small LED lights to make indoors beautiful and dreamy.
recycled pallet bed

Tired of those plain walls? Well, now you have a world of options to choose and change the mood of the room. Adding wall shelves and racks can be convenient and stylish at the same time. Wall shelves can be made out of wooden pallets. You can also add compartments as and when needed
wall shelf with pallets

Low height Japanese style tables are quite popular these days. Adding a glass top improves durability. It can be used with drawing room sofas too. Adding wheels at the bottom add to the convenience in movement. These tables can also be turned into family game boards by adding funky tops on pallet basis.
wood pallet table

For instance wood is getting infrequent, and in recent time wooden furniture is turn out to be a more exclusive, search for after and valued.  Wood pallet up cycling ideas is an inventive and low-priced method to complement some wood to your furnishings.

With the passage of time people turn their life towards nature and want to spend simple life style. If you have some ole waste pallet in your house then it is the best thing otherwise you can get pallet from many places. You can easily made tables, chairs sofas, couches’, planter wall hanging and much more stuff.

recycled pallet ideas

If you want to implement amazing ideas using pallet table then an excellent project will be pallet pc table.  If you use it for laptop then make a smaller one if for regular pc ten make a wide pallet table. Put decent sheet on it and add a drawer on bottom.
pallet pc table

If you have a beach house for summer vacation then you can perfectly utilize the pallet wood in making a decent colorful beach seats. Long and wide seats made by pallet look amazing on beach. Color them with different shade that looks amazing in sun light.
beach seats with pallets

One of the unique uses of Pallet wood is to make a decent but amazing pallet chair. You can build different sort of chair depending upon your requirement. Paint it with different versions of colorful theme. Better make a robot theme chair that will give an impression of future.
amazing pallet chair

You can use pallet wood in versatile form. If you find a perfect place beside lake or river, then make a perfect small but beautiful pallet made cabin. Make a solid but high foundation. Put grills on front and make a little shed in front. Put little ladder to climb.
pallets made cabin

Recycle Pallet Couch will be a perfect addition to your house and make a unique impression in your home decor. Make similar length pallets and use it with broader frame. Paint it in dark shade, use comfortable cushion on it. Make different designs on the frame.
recycled pallet couch

Pallet is the most economic material available that can be utilizes to handle the stuff more suitably. Make pallet shelves with different compartment that make the frame of the shelf more spacious. You can easily put all your hardware products and boxes on these selves. Don’t stop it with one and make more to utilize your space.
stuff organizing with pallets


A new trend has set in to make small swings with pallet wood that can be fit perfectly in your house. Put decent and comfortable cushions on the swing. Make it lively and colorful but using sparkling color. Put a violin or guitar beside it to give a perfect view.
wood pallet made swing

A very common and useful idea for utilizing pallet is to make a wood pallet planter. Different size pallet planter can be made to enhance beauty in your house. Planter can be of different shape and sizes than can be put in lobby and outdoor areas of your house.
wood pallet planter