Recycled Pallet Wall Decor Art and Shelves


It is rightly said that one man’s waste is another man’s fortune. Present time is the one in which everything from a string to entire furniture and hardware can be reused. Web nowadays is radiating with DIY tips and traps and one such most recent and exceedingly took after pattern is use of wood pieces or pallets. If you are thinking of disposing of your used bed, then you are doing a big mistake. There are a lot of methods which can be implemented to use the pallets in the form of wall art. Here are some ideas presented for the use of recycled pallets in wall décor art.

Wall Crafts with Wood Pallets

Wooden pallets can be used on a shelf slide across the wall. The wooden pallets can be designed in a heart shaped; one heart of a bigger size and the other of smaller size. A vase with small flowers can be put along to give a refreshing look
Hearts Crafts Pallet Wall Art

The center wall of the lounge can be made classy and elegant by covering it with wooden blocks. One idea to make a masterpiece is by using long and sleek wooden bars and keeping them together. The center part can be colored different. The design can be made unique by keeping the bars in an irregular manner.
DIY Ideas for Pallet Wall Art

A very nice and literate idea of recycling pallets is by writing quotes on the wooden bar. Those bars then can be places in an alternate manner making a quoted bar wall or stand. Use different colors to write the quote but keep it decent.
Decoration Ideas with Pallets

A very elegant idea of recycling pallets is by making a candle stand on the wall. Take equal pieces of wood bars and place elegant candle stands made of glass. Place big white candles inside and light them when guests are around.
Decor Candles Pallet Wall Art

Flower pots always give a mesmerizing look. You can hang the small flower pots on the wall using pallets or wood pieces. Place the wood pieces in criss cross manner and hand the pots on it. Place colorful and different flowers in the pots.
Creative Pallet Wall Art

This piece is quite simple to make. Take a wooden block of rectangular shape. Put a large leaf on it and paint it accordingly. Use different colors to give a classy look. Place the other leaf upside down to avoid monotonous.
Cozy Garden Pallet Wall Art

This idea implements simple wooden plates of two different sizes. Alternate pallets will be designed of same size. The pallets can be painted with different but decent colors. The size of this décor piece must not either be too short or too long. Keep the size of the wall in mind while designing it.
Classy Pallet Wall Art Work

Bicycle sign board at the front wall of the garage will complement the area. The simple way to make it is by taking wooden pieces and coloring them in different colors. Over the wooden pattern, a bicycle template of steel or even card board can be made.
Bicycle Sign Board Pallet Wall Art

There are many pallet shelf projects which are not just attractive even in demand for many years ago. After getting good feedback we present the new idea in pallet which is also a unique part of our article. And we aim to come up with original models that all are organized according to the style of product that you can make. Yes, these pallet shelf ideas are the creative and traditional part of our life as you can place in it many books, picture frame, magazines and any lovely decoration piece as well which are good for any room of your home.  In case if you have any spare pallet woods so make this one of your favorite pallet shelf plans with the help of yourself.

Wooden Pallet Wall Shelves

If you have time to make something similar to this pallet shelf plans so just try it as it is a wall panel made completely of pallets. In order to make this rustic wall shelf, you have to disassemble the pallets on the wall and have some decoration pieces or pictures to give it a fresh look.
cute pallet shelf

This contemporary patio pallet shelf will give the bright look to your patio as lights are twinkling. In this modern age, this patio shelf is a handy item of the pallet for your dwelling. You can put decoration items on it and have stylish and a luxurious shelf for your fun in outdoor.
patio pallet shelf

Pallets are suited to create a TV shelf. This one is rather small and extremely simple. This has small wood base and you can place on your laptop or DVD player. Even this is entertainment centre of your home as it is better for a small room. You just make it simple as it gives the beauty to your house.
pallet tv shelf

This is one more very handy pallet shelf bar design as require not a lot of effort. This rustic pallet shelf bar is beneficial for your home as it is really encouraging task for you. And this task will require just 10 minutes of your life in which you can keep many things as well.
pallet shelf bar

In a kitchen, you have not much storage space and there is something that you need to store anywhere. Kitchen shelves mostly come in cabinet’s form in which you will not like it at all. But these pallet kitchen shelves come in display form and have a much space for kitchen items.
pallet kitchen shelf

This pallet bookshelf has different parts which are the perfect choice for your books and give a lot of storage space. You just need to recycle the pallets and apply your creativity then it will present rustic look to our room as in standing pallet shelf. Just inspired and create your interior imaginative and fantastic.
multi story wood pallet shelf

It is one place where you can get a lot of storage space for family photos. This wall art idea will enhance the overall look of your dwelling with some lovely memories. An artistic wall can add some exceptional style to your room as well. And you should have some unique and modish pieces of decoration in it.
its easy to create pallet shelves

This is one of the traditional pallet shelf ideas which give the modish and functional look. Although, this shelf was made with a proper technique which is also can be used for a displayed shelf.  You just explore this stunning piece made of domestic lumber. It does not involve a lot of effort but make it you with minimal resources.
cute pallet wood shelf